Eva’s Blues

I was running towards the rainbow.
and I was captured by its magic spell
The rain was playing with the sun.
It was a game of a wonderfull delight
Nearly there, I reached out both my hands
and I tried to touch its colours, oh so fair
I could feel the warmth of the crystal shininess
But the flickering sunrays blinded my eyes
I screamed and I felt panic and fear inside.
I was confused and did not know what to do.

I stumbled and I was out of balance.
Empty eyes and angry faces were all around me
There was no way out and an infinete darkness was my fate.
I was left behind with a frozen heart and in terrible fears
I lost myself and I drowned in my bitter tears.
I tried to hide my face with my shaking hands
and I screamed for help but was not heard.
The words did stuck in my throat, I was out of breath
My heart was tightened with fear and I never felt so sad.  
Lord please have mercy, save my soul.
That’s all I ask, please do understand.

Then I broke the glass, I still hear that sound
The colour red filled up the deep blue sky
and I closed my eyes and it felt okay,
it was my escape, I had no choice, this was the only way.
A man did call desperately for a doctor and an ambulance.
and I heard him say that he was sure that I would die
For a moment the strangers were confused and they lay me down
in a big soft bed of white lilies, so pure and so fine.
I saw an amazing field of red roses and a bright white light
it was full of warmth and filled me with tenderness and love.

With little pills colored yellow, blue and grey,
they promised me a future but they blew up my brain
I heard far away voices in an empty room, they softly spoke
Poor little girl, too young to die, so pretty but so insane.
Father dear, I beg you please, why go away
and leave me behind in such an unbearable pain
Is it to much to ask, is it all in vain
another precious moment here with me to stay

Finally I went away without a last goodbye
Not a loving heart I did leave behind
It was my choice and it was my faith
It was my believe and my only hope
I am not afraid to follow the unknown road
Without regret I cherish the sun and the wind
I play my song and take the day to come
my sad wandering me, a doomed lost soul,
Without consolation and no place to go

But someday it could be any day now,
I will break my chains and this will set me free.
And behind the moutains far in a new found land
my dearest love is waiting and he will take my hand
and he will lead me and he will bring me home.
No longer the hurt and pain from the deep red scars
No longer this song is sung and no more my weeping guitar
No more the rememberance of my lost dammed life
Oh Lord than my eyes will see the colours, so pure so bright,
for which I am longing,  for such a long time