n Bended Wood there is a small village. It’s called the Fairies Citadel. In this little village, five fairies and Professor William Cleverhead live. And also five little strange fellows, who look like gnomes, but they are not. They have no pointy hats on their heads, but they wear strange bowler hats. And that’s not all. No, they also wear oversized shoes.

 They call themselves the Oddy-Ones. They help the fairies with everything. Moreover, they provide bread, vegetables and milk, and on birthdays, they arrange always a big celebration with lemonade and cake with candles.


One day, the five fairies fell down from a real rainbow and so they ended up in the Bended Wood. When the rainbow was gone and the fairies could not find the sun again, there was nothing else left to do than to remain in the forest. It was raining very hard, and the fairies were sitting under a leaf of a giant fern. The leaf gave them shelter from the rain, which came down in large drops. And there they sat down, all five of them. Elf Love, Fairy Flower, Sun Fairy, Elf Rascal and Elf Craft. And here starts the story of Elf Love and the four other fairies.




lf Love comforted the other fairies, because they all were a little bit sad.

“Do not cry, we will have to make the best out of it until new rainbow comes,” said Elf Love to the others. They nodded and wiped the tears from their eyes.

Elf Love stood up and the others followed her. They were lucky that it had stopped raining and so it was dry again.

“Hey, there’s a sign with a name on it,” said Elf Rascal.

“Bumpy Path…” Elf Love did read aloud.

“What a weird name,” said Fairy Flower. “I do not see any bumps.”

“But I do…!” Fairy Flower heard behind her, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that Elf Rascal had fallen in a big puddle of mud.

He was totally covered up with sticky smelly mud.

“It could only be you Elf Rascal…” Elf Love laughed, while she helped Elf Rascal clean his hands and his face.

“I…I had not noticed it at all,” stammered Elf Rascal.

Sun Fairy came to take a look and had to laugh.

“You look like a little pig…”

“Come on, Sun Fairy, do not tease him, “said Elf Love when she saw the pout of Elf Rascal.

After Elf Rascal was cleaned up, they all went further to Bended Wood.

It was getting a little dark already.




t the end of the Bumpy Path, the five fairies went left and they came on a small side-way. They heard an owl in the distance and Elf Craft found it a little scary.

“Where are we going, Elf Love? Do you know the way?” he asked and it sounded a little anxious.

Elf Love assured Elf Craft that it was okay.

“Overthere by the trees, I see lights burning. Maybe we can find someone there who can help us.”

The fairies had first to cross a large field of weed. An than on a big, old oak tree hung a sign with an arrow.

“Squirrels Field, fifteen meters,” Fairy Flower read aloud.

“What a beautiful name. Do squirrels live here?”

“I think so,” said Elf Love.

“Yeah, me too,” said Elf Rascal, who was now completely dried up and cleaned. “And what if this would be Wolf’s Field…?”

“Then there surely would be wolves instead of squirrels,” answered Fairy Flower.

Elf Love saw that Sun Fairy became a little scared.

“Don’t be afraid Sun Fairy, there are no wolves here in the forest,” she said, while holding tightly the hand of Sun Fairy.

Then at the end of the Squirrels Field they went right, and the fairies came on a narrow road. At the far end there was a tiny house and fortunately, there was still light burning. It looked like candlelight. The cottage was completely made of wooden planks. Only the chimney was made of stone. There were little short curtains hanging for the windows and the front door had a large, brass bell.

“Do you dare…?” Fairy Flower asked Elf Love.

“I do,” said Elf Rascal.

“Yeah, I suppose so…” replied Elf Love.

“May I Elf Love? May I do this?” pleaded Elf Rascal.

“Okay, but gently and softly.”

Elf Rascal yanked on the rope that hung on the bell.

“Well, what did I tell you…! Gently. Now you have awakened the entire forest,” said Elf Love and she was a little angry on Elf Rascal.


A moment later, the door opened.

“Uh…where’s the fire?” In the doorway stood a stately man with gray hair and a long white beard. He had a pointed nose and wore on it a pair of glasses with small, round frames.

“Hello, Sir…we are fairies, and we come from Pixieland and we need to find a place to sleep. Sir…would it be possible…?” Fairy Love said bravely.

“Mrrrr…uh…yeah? Oh…uh, yes it’s me. I’m Professor William Cleverhead…” he said with a laugh. “I’ll see what I can do for you, but first come on in,” he continued and the fairies entered the house of the professor.




n the cozy home of Professor Cleverhead, the stove was burning and on the chair which stood nearby, there was a black and white striped cat sleeping.

“That’s Spinning Winnie, my cat. She is with me for a very long time,” said the professor as he cleaned up his glasses.

“She just came here one day when she was very young. I think she was lost and that she did not know the way back from where she came… And you… ? Where do you come from?”

Elf Love stood up.

“We are also a little lost. We have fallen from the rainbow and now we are here in the forest. We do not know what to do. Can you help us, Professor?”

Professor Cleverhead rubbed his beard.

“Well…” he said with a sigh. “I do not have much space in my house. At least, not for all five of you. I think tomorrow we better go to the Oddy-Ones. Perhaps the council knows.”

“The Oddy-Ones…?” Elf Love asked.

“Yes, the Oddy-Ones. They live in the wooden houses behind the hollow willow, a bit further than the great fen, nearby the large road.”

“Oh…” Elf Love reacted surprised. And the other fairies also looked questioningly at the professor.

“Uh…yeah, uh…Oddy-Ones are little chaps, who build houses and bake bread. They have a garden where beans grow and of course, lovely flowers. And there is one of them, Oddy-Farmer, who keeps bees for making honey and has a flock of little mosquitoes that provide every dag fresh milk. He also keeps fruitflies which provide him daily with fresh juices …Anyway, you will all see that tomorrow.”

The professor looked at Elf Love.

“Do you agree that this is good plan, Elf Love?”

“Yes, a very good plan, Professor,” said Elf Love. “Sure. Do you think they can help us?”

“I think so. They may or may not built you a new rainbow for you, but anyway they can build a house for you all to live in, and beds for each of you to sleep in, as well a table and chairs to sit on.”

“I can help the Oddy-Ones,” said Elf Craft. “I’m a true expert in it and a very handy one.”

“I do not know,” said the professor. “You’ll have to ask the Oddy-Ones.”

“Oh…how exciting,” said Elf Craft excitedly. “I hardly can wait till tomorrow.”





t was early in the morning when Elf Craft awoke.

“Psstt, are you awake?” he whispered.

Elf Love answered half asleep, “you know that it’s still very early? You really have to go back to sleep Elf Craft.”

“I know… but I find it all so exciting. I’m so curious how the Oddy-Ones look like and if I may help them…”

“I do understand your excitement, Elf Craft, but again… it is still too early.”

“Please… Elf Love, won’t you go see if the professor is already awake?”

Elf Love was not really eager to do so, but she did it anyway.


When she opened softly the door of the living room, she saw Professor Cleverhead sitting in the chair by the stove. Spinning Winnie, the cat, was on his lap. Beside the chair stood a large basket, with elegant white letters on it.

“Sniffer Nose,” Elf Love read. In the basket was a big, brown dog sleeping.

“Uh…whew, are you awake already,” said the professor, still half asleep.

“Excuse me, Professor. I did not mean to disturb you,” said Elf Love and she blushed.

“Well…no…uh…I really do not mind. I usually wake up early. But what time is it, anyway?”

“Half past six…I think,” was the cautious reply of Elf Love.

“Well, than we certainly have a long day ahead of us,” laughed the Professor.

“Shall I call the other fairies?” Elf Love suggested.

“Yeah, if you all are ready, then we’ll go to the Oddy-Ones. But don’t you want a sandwich with sweet honey or a biscuit with strawberry jam first?”

“Well, Professor, I think we better go. But are these Oddy-Ones already awake?”

“Those little fellows do not need much sleep. A couple of hours each night, nothing more.”

Elf Craft was the first one who was ready to go. The fairies had slept altogether in the bed of the professor.

That bed was upstairs in the small bedroom under the thatched roof. Fairy Flower had felt a bit cold and Elf Rascal fell twice out of the bed.


Professor Cleverhead grabbed his coat and walking stick that stood in the corner.

“Without this stick, I will not go. He takes me everywhere and he helps me always to come back again to my house. It’s like a compass.”

“What is a compass?” asked Fairy Sun.

“Well,” said the professor. “That’s a little thing that shows where you are and where you’re going. So you never get lost.”

“Oh…” said Fairy Sun. “And how does that little thing know?”

“Well,” said the professor. “Um, that uh…that’s because, uh…earth rays shows which direction you are going, so you know where you are.”

Fairy Sun nodded if she understood it all.

“Oh…well, then we can go and we can’t get lost,” she said.

Fairy Sun grabbed the hand of Professor Cleverhead firmly, and then all six of them went on their way to the cottages behind the hollow willow, nearby the large fen.





he road to the large fen and the hollow willow was tortuous. Fortunately, the professor knew the way. Fairy Sun nearly tripped over a big boulder and Fairy Flower was hurt by the thorns of a blackberry bush.

“These are nasty thorns, but the blackberries are very, very nice. The Oddy-Ones make delicious jam of it. Just like they do with the wild strawberries. It is the most delicious jam of the whole forest, perhaps of the whole country,” said the professor.

“Maybe…even of the whole world,” added Fairy Sun.

“Yes, maybe indeed the best jam of the whole world, Fairy Sun. The jam is certainly very tasty,” the professor said with a laugh.

“Is it still long?” Elf Craft asked.

“Another couple of minutes and then we are nearby the large fen. Just down where the hollow willows are standing are the wooden houses of the Oddy-Ones,” said Professor Cleverhead.

“Why are they named Oddy-Ones Professor?” Elf Love asked.

The professor rubbed his beard weightily with his hand.


“Well, I’ll tell you why. Once, all gnomes lived together on the other side of Bended Wood. That’s a very long time ago. Then one day, one of the gnomes made a bowler hat. Just for fun. Then one of the other gnomes saw this hat, and he did put the bowler hat on instead of his pointed hat. When another gnome saw this, he wanted to have a bowler hat too. But there was only one of it, so the two gnomes had a firm fight over the bowler hat.

 The gnome who made the bowler hat, promised to create another one. But a few days later, the leader of the gnomes arrived and he had forbidden everyone to wear a bowler hat. Each gnome wearing such a hat would no longer be welcome in the goblin village. One of the other gnomes felt it a bit strange that it’s was forbidden to wear such a lovely hat, and he proposed that it should be allowed that wearing bowler hats should be permitted but only on special holidays. Nevertheless the leader of the gnomes maintained his decision.”

The professor sighed deeply.


“A quarrel arose from such a trifle and eventually, five gnomes left the village. They were called crazy and odd by the other gnomes. And so that’s how they got the name of, “the Oddy-Ones.” So basically, it just means “weird gnomes.” It’s that simple, really.”

“That must have been hard for them…” said Elf Love. “And they may never go back to the village, ever again?” she asked.

“No, they cannot ever go back to the village. At least, not with their bowler hats on. And I do not think the five Oddy-Ones will ever put their bowler hats in the closet. Moreover, they have left behind their pointed hats when they left the village. So they don’t have them and therefore they cannot not wear them anymore. It is so simple as that.”

The professor pointed in the direction of an old, hollow tree.

“We are almost there. Oh… I see Oddy-Framer already.”


The fairies looked and they saw a little bit further a little fellow with a long beard and a bowler hat on. Around him were buzzing at least a hundred bees. They flew higgledy-piggledy.

“It is the time of harvesting the honey and Oddy-Farmer will be extremely busy,” the professor explained to the fairies.

Elf Rascal could hardly wait.

“Mmm, delicious sweet honey, fresh obtained from the bees… Professor, could it be that Oddy-Farmer might…”

Before Elf Rascal finished talking, Oddy-Farmer took a big jar of fresh honey, and walked toward them.

Oddy-Framer welcomed the fairies and the Professor told Oddy-Farmer the story of how and when the fairies came to him.

“Well, well…that’s something else,” said Oddy-Framer. “But please feel welcome to… umm…our village, we have…uh…uh, we still have to find a name for our village… Anyway…um, fairies, I hope, at least, that you feel at home in uh…”

Oddy-Farmer scratched behind his ears while he kept his bowler hat in his hand and said, “Um…in the Fairies Citadel. Yeah…we call this place the Fairies Citadel. From now on…. this will be the name of our village… Yeah…the Fairies Citadel, which by the way I think is a very pretty name. What do you of it think, Professor?”

“I could not have thought of anything better, Oddy-Framer. The Fairies Citadel…very well-conceived.”

“What about the other Oddy-Ones? Will they approve?’” asked Elf Love cautiously.

“Oddy-Framer is the oldest of the Oddy-Ones and therefor he is pretty much considered to be the boss. So, yes the other Oddy-Ones will probably all agree,” the Professor reassured Elf Love.

“Well, then it will be the Fairies Citadel…” said Elf Love and it made her very proud.

The other fairies clapped their hands and bowed for Oddy-Framer. Everyone was happy and had to laugh.





hey said goodbye to the Oddy-Framer and continued walking. Fairy Flower saw at the end of the street a small house with a large window. It seemed like a kind of a store.

“Can you get all sorts of stuff there?” Fairy Flower asked Professor Cleverhead.

The professor smiled.

“Getting is not the right word…uh, you mean, of course, can you buy…isn’t it, Fairy Flower?”

“Buy?” Flower Fairy said, and she was a bit surprised.

The Professor saw that Fairy Flower did not understand him well.

“Yeah…buy, Fairy Flower. So that’s how it is settled in this village. If you want something from someone, you have to pay for it. The Oddy-Ones have mutually decided that they pay each other with acorns. And sometimes when it is very, very expensive, then they should pay with an oak leaf. For example, ten oak acorns has the same worth as a whole oak leaf.”

“Professor, may I ask you something?” Elf Love asked.

“Please ask,” the professor said.

“What I do not understand is that there are acorns everywhere, so the Oddy-Ones can just as well pick them from the ground, or am I wrong?”

“No, Elf Love, that’s right. But this was invented by a wise, old gnome. Because in this way, the gnomes learn to count and to save. And besides, and that is perhaps the most important thing…”

The Professor took a deep breath and continued in a solemn tone.

“…as I said, it is most important for the Oddy-Ones to do so because if they ever come  into contact with the human world… well, then they will be ready for it. Because everything is paid for in the human world. But not with acorns, but with coins. People call that money.”

“Oh…” said Elf Rascal, “and in the human world you can also pick up this money from the street?”

“No, that would be something else,” said the Professor. “No, people need to work for it,  just like the Oddy-Ones. The Oddy-Farmer produces big pots filled with sweet honey and he sells them. He gets acorns for it. And with those acorns, he buys for example in that store over there, empty glass pots to put in new honey again. And sometimes he buys a new bowler hat. And occasionally, even new shoes. So that’s the way it goes,” said Professor Cleverhead.

“Well, I think it’s a hassle,” remarked Elf Craft. “Then I certainly have to get acorns first before I can get me some nails and a hammer.”

“Can buy…not get,” said Elf Love to Elf Craft.

“Start looking for it Elf Craft,” said Elf Rascal, with a laugh.

Elf Love grabbed the hand of Elf Craft.

“Do not worry, it will probably be fine. The Oddy-Ones will certainly help us and moreover, we still have the help of Professor Cleverhead. So it will be fine, Elf Craft, there’s no need to worry about it.”

Elf Craft still looked a bit crestfallen when they all boarded the shop.

“Welcome to the general store of the Oddy-Hawker,” it sounded from the back of the store.

A moment later, the Oddy-Hawker crawled out of a pile of boxes he appeared between some racks.

“Hello, Professor and…you all…so…you’re fairies? What brings you all here?”

Elf Love told the whole story of the rainbow, and that they were lost in the woods and they were lucky to get the help of Professor Cleverhead.

The Oddy-Hawker had listened carefully to the story of Elf Love.

“So…so, that’s quite something else. Well, today you are allowed to take something from my shop and whatever it is… today, everything is free… free for all of you. You have earned this, it seems to me,” said the Oddy-Hawker and beckoned all fairies to come in.


After half an hour, the fairies said farewell.

“Bye, bye Oddy-Hawker. Thanks from all of us for everything and hope to see you soon,” all the fairies called loud.

“Please, it’s my pleasure and hope to see you soon too,” the Oddy-Hawker said with a laugh.

Elf Love had found a nice pin for her blonde hair, Fairy Flower had a big bouquet of silk flowers, Elf Rascal had chosen a kind of catapult and Elf Craft had a hammer and picked out of a box a hand full of nails. Fairy Sun had chosen a compass bearing in fair letters east, west, south and north. And in the middle there was a large needle of steel, which ran from side to side as soon Fairy Sun moved the compass.

“This compass is very rare, it comes from the human world,” the Oddy-Hawker had said. “But I am giving it to you, Fairy Sun.”

“Well, I never have to be afraid of getting lost ever, Professor. Now I am like you, always finding my way back. If a new rainbow comes again, my compass and I will make sure that we will safely return to Pixieland,” said Fairy Sun excited.

The professor and Elf Love looked at each other. They knew only too well that it would not be easy to return to Pixieland, to the land of the Elves.


Elf Love and the Professor walked silently side by side. Professor Cleverhead once scratched behind his ears as they headed for Oddy-Beans.





 little further on was the garden of Oddy-Beans. Oddy-Beans was busy trying to get rid of the weeds between the flowers and the plants. He liked flowers and he always took care of fresh fruits and vegetables. If there were ripe blackberries on the bushes, he got up early in the morning to pick them. And he also had wild strawberries and blueberries. And also fresh lettuce and small, succulent beans.

Oddy-Beans was mostly on his land or in his garden. He enjoyed the colors and scents of the many types of flowers and in the spring when the fruit trees were decorated with fragrant, colorful blossoms, he felt like the happiest Oddy-One in the whole forest, perhaps even in the world.

“Hi Oddy-Beans, you have some time for us?” the Professor asked.

Oddy-Beans was startled a little, because he hadn’t seen the fairies and the Professor coming and so he was fully suprised.

“Uh, yes, of course…” said Oddy-Beans, while wiping off his sandy hands on his pants.

“Oddy-Beans, these here are the fairies from Pixieland…” and the Professor called all their names, after which he again told the whole story to Oddy-Beanss about how the fairies had landed with him.

“So…so, that’s quite something else…” said Oddy-Beans.

Elf Love got the giggles. The other fairies and the Professor and Oddy-Beans stared at Elf Love.

“Say…um…you…you all say, uh always say…so…so…that’s something… that…pff. That’s the third time I’ve  heard it now…I…”

Elf Love did burst out laughing. “Excuse me, it’s not meant to be tedious, but it sounds so weird…that’s quite something else.”

Oddy-Beans and Professor Cleverhead glanced at each other.

“It is indeed a bit weird that we all say that, that’s quite something else,” said Oddy-Beans. And he did burst out laughing too.

The professor and the other fairies followed. Elf Love, who had tears running down her cheeks, could hardly stop laughing.

“So, you guys seem to have fun,” they heard suddenly behind them.

It was Oddy-Baker carrying with him a big basket full of bread. He was on his way to the general store of Oddy-Hawker.

“Sorry. Don’t blame us Oddy-Baker,” said the Professor and he told briefly the story of the fairies.

“So, that’s quite something else,” said the Oddy-Baker when the Professor had finished his story.

All fairies, Oddy-Beans and the Professor Cleverhead again got the giggles.

“Did I say something wrong?” asked the Oddy-Baker.

After Oddy-Beans explained haltingly why they had to laugh, Oddy-Baker went also into a spontaneous laughter. His booming laughter rang through the whole forest.





hen the fairies and the professor had said goodbye to Oddy-Baker and Oddy-Beans they headed to the last of the five Oddy-Ones. The name of this Oddy-One was Jack. Actually his full name was Oddy-Jack of All Trades, but everybody called him Oddy-Jack.

Oddy-Jack was the most convenient among all the Oddy-Ones. He had built the shop of the Oddy-Hawker and the barn for Oddy-Beans. And he also had ensured that the Oddy-Baker had a nice bakery. For the Oddy-Farmer he had built a big, warm stable for the bees and the milk mosquitoes.

“What his eyes see, his hands can make,” said the Professor to the fairies.

“Can Oddy-Jack make us a new rainbow?” asked Fairy Sun.

“Well, I do not know, maybe you should ask him this yourself,” replied the Professor.


Moments later, they arrived at the workshop of Oddy-Jack. There was no one to see.

“Hello Oddy-Jack…! Oddy-Jack are you in?” the professor shouted as loud as he could. Some moments later, they heard a noise behind the workshop. Between a large pile of planks and a large stack of all kinds of stuff, a bowler did appear.

“Where…where’s the fire?” it sounded.

“No, there isn’t… nothing to worry about, Oddy-Jack. It’s me, Professor Cleverhead and these are the fairies,” and again, he mentioned the names of all the five fairies. And also he told again the whole story about how the fairies did landed in the Bended Wood.

“Boy oh boy , that’s quite something else,” said Oddy-Jack.

“No…not again,” said Elf Love with a laugh and she did put her hands to her face.

“Uh…did I say something wrong?” Oddy-Jack asked surprised.

“No, you didn’t, but I’ll tell you about this another time,” said the Professor, and he tried not to laugh.

“Well…I suppose you will, but what can I do for you?” asked Oddy-Jack.

Fairy Sun spoke.

“Oddy-Jack… can you also make a rainbow?” she asked.

“Uh…a rainbow? Well, I’ve never made one before. It would be the first time. I must think about this. A rainbow… you mean such a thing with all different colors. A sort of half circle, which seems to touch the ground at both ends…” muttered Oddy-Jack.

“Yes,” said Fairy Sun. “That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Uh…yeah, right. And what will you do with it, then? Should it be a slide or something?” asked Oddy-Jack.

“No, we think we can use it to return to the Pixieland,” said Elf Love.

“Why would you? Don’t you like it here?” asked Oddy-Jack a little surprised.

“No, we do not mean that, but our home is in Pixieland, the land of the Elves,” answered Fairy Flower.

“Okay, I understand, but I do not know if I can help you out with this,” said Oddy-Jack.

“Want you even try it?” asked Elf Craft.

The Oddy-One looked at the Professor, who rubbed his hand across his chin.

“What do you think, my friend Cleverhead… do you think this is going to succeed?”

“I do not know, Oddy-Jack. Perhaps with the help of all the Oddy-Ones…”

“Yes, maybe,” Oddy Jack doubted. He scratched behind his ears again and his bowler hat fell on the ground.

“Okay fair enough, than we have to try. What do you think Professor?” Oddy-Jack said after he had picked up his bowler hat and had put it on his head again. The fairies saw that there was a big dandelion stuck on the back of the bowler just below the edge.

 “Then we’ll start tomorrow morning and maybe it will be ready tomorrow night. That would be fine, because there’s a lot of rain coming. And a rainbow without rain can never work properly, in my opinion,” said Oddy-Jack, as he once again scratched behind his ears. And again, his bowler hat dropped on the ground.

“Well, that’s wonderful. And many thanks,” said the fairies.

“Until tomorrow, then. We will make sure we are on time,” Elf Love added.

“Until tomorrow, fairies…and I will ask the other Oddy-Ones to help us. I’ll see them all tonight. We drink every night  a glass of juice together on the square under the big oak tree. Then we tell each other what we did that day and we make also plans for the new day. And sometimes Oddy-Beans tells us a beautiful and exciting story. Today, however, everyone will have their own stories about you, fairies, I suppose. Each Oddy-One will be full of it,” said Oddy-Jack with a firm laugh.


The fairies and the Professor said goodbye and returned to the house of Professor Cleverhead where Spinning Winnie the cat, and the dog Sniffer Nose were playing in the garden. Sniffer Nose ran after Spinning Winnie, who quickly climbed upon a tree.

After the fairies had eaten a plate of raspberries, it was bedtime. The fairies slept again in the big bed of the Professor, who again sat down in his chair by the fireplace. It lasted not long, before a loud snoring sound  filled the room.





he next day, the Professor and the fairies were early on their way to the workshop of Oddy-Jack. In the distance, the fairies saw that the other Oddy-Ones were already there.

“So, you’re right on time,” Oddy-Jack said approvingly, when they arrived.

“We could hardly sleep. It’s all so exciting,” said Elf Love.

“Yes, and I also brought extra nails,” said Elf Craft.

“And I brought rose petals with me to decorate the rainbow,” Fairy Flower said excitedly.

“And I…I brought magic dust,” giggled Fairy Sun. She had in her hand a box containing glittering grains of sand.

“And you, Elf Rascal? Have you brought something?” asked the Oddy-Baker.

“I,” said Elf Rascal. “I brought my good mood and my optimism. I am really looking forward to it.”

“Well, that’s good,” said Oddy-Jack. “A good mood and some optimism, we can certainly use that.”

Moments later, they were all busy at work.

With cane and board a large semicircular bow was made. At the beginning of the rainbow, the Oddy-Farmer had made a stairway for the fairies.

“Then the fairies can easily climb on it,” he explained.


With a kind of crane, the last parts were hoisted up. The Oddy-Ones who were on the ladders, hammered the final nails in the boards. It all looked very nice.

“Now, it’s time for the colors…and some of the magic dust…and then it’s done,” said Fairy Sun. She was very happy that they all had managed to create such a beautiful rainbow.

“Cleverhead…how about it.…with what color we have to start?” asked Oddy-Jack.

“Let me think a moment…oh yeah, now I remember. The outer color is red, then orange, yellow, green…uh…and then indigo blue, which is a kind of purple and finally, violet. So I believe … this must be the right order of the colors,” said the Professor.

“How do you all know this,” asked Fairy Sweet admiringly.

“Hmmm… you’re a professor or you are not. Anyway, one must know all these things before one can be a professor. That’s how it is.” Professor William Cleverhead was quite proud of himself.


The Oddy-Ones and the fairies had just finished with the colors of the rainbow when the sun disappeared behind a big cloud.

“It is starting to get a little dark, rain will soon be here” said the Oddy-Farmer and he pointed to the dark gloomy clouds that slowly came to their side.

“We’ll soon know whether our rainbow will work,” said Oddy-Beans.

“You’re right, Oddy-Beans. Fairies…let’s firmly say goodbye before you leave.”

The fairies thanked all the Oddy-Ones and of course, the Professor.

“Will you also sending our love to Spinning Winnie and Sniffer Nose?” Elf Love cried out when she was almost halfway up the stairway of the rainbow.


The fairies were glad that they were going back to Pixieland again, but actually, they found it a pity that they had to say goodbye to the Oddy-Ones and Professor Cleverhead.

It became very dark and the first raindrops fell on the colored rainbow and the fairies. The Professor and the Oddy-Ones took shelter from the falling rain under a large oak tree.

“If the sun is not shining, then it really will not work,” said Elf Rascal.

“Please…” said Elf Love, but she knew all too well that Elf Rascal was right. A rainbow without the beams of the sun, is not possible.

It began to rain harder and harder and the wind was blowing strongly.

“The colors of the rainbow disappear!” called Elf Craft. “The rain washes away the paint.”

“I’m a little scared…” it sounded softly. It was Fairy Sun.

“You do not have to worry Fairy Sun. I’ll protect you. Come here close with me,” said Elf Love and she put her arm around Fairy Sun.

The wind began to blow harder and harder. The Professor looked anxiously at the rainbow, which swung up and down by the strong winds.

“Shouldn’t it be wiser if they come down, Oddy-Jack? I do not trust I at all…” he said.

The Oddy-One nodded and he totally agreed with the Professor.

“Fairies…fairies!” Oddy-Jack shouted as loud as he could. “Please come down as fast as you can?”

“There’s too much wind and it’s raining too hard,” the Professor shouted too.

He saw Elf Love waving.


“We’ll come down. Will you please help us to get of…?” she called.

The five fairies got down safe and sound, just before a gust of wind blew down the rainbow.

“Fortunately,” said Elf Love. “We just came down in time.”

“Say that again…” sighed Oddy-Jack.

“Well, so we will remain in the Bended Wood for the time,” said Elf Love.

“In the Fairies citadel,” replied the Oddy-Farmer.

“In the Fairies citadel…” repeated all the fairies. They were actually a bit relieved that they now could stay with the Professor and the Oddy-Ones.

“We first are going to drink a glass of raspberry lemonade and tomorrow, if the weather has improved, then we clean up the mess and with all the boards left, we’ll built you fairies a nice, new house. A house with chairs, and a large wooden table. What do you think of that?” Oddy-Jack asked the fairies.

“That’s a very good plan, Oddy-Jack,” was the reply of the fairies

“And also beds. Each of you will get their own bed…” Oddy-Jack continued.

And so in the end everyone was very happy even though the plan with the rainbow had   completely failed.

But…maybe it was a blessing in disguise after all.